Video Presentation Safety: Converting Videos to Animated GIF

Found this excellent little trick from undertake here on wordpress. Nifty little guide on how to convert your videos, i wonder if this only works for .avi movie files, to gif filetype.

Though i have hardly  had a bad experience trying to run a presentation with a video, but this is sure a life-saving tip. Will definitely keep it.

When giving presentations using a computer that’s not your own, trying to show video clips can end badly. It’s much safer to use animated GIFs instead. Luckily it’s easy to convert videos to animated GIF on the command line using mplayer: None like your Youtube video Converter.

mplayer movie.avi -vo gif89a:output=movie.gif -vf scale=600:337 -ss 4

This command converts “movie.avi” to “movie.gif”, rescales the output to 600:337 and starts at second 4 of the video – skipping the beginning.


The Best Online Converter on the interent so far: With Class and Artificial Intelligence.

Video ConverterA new online video converter  just entered the list of free online youtube video converter on the web. This news falls far from a case of your classic cliche; “just another video converter”. First Converter, as crowned by the name, is truly a revolutionary Video converter when it comes to converting music and video files, handsfree online.

Amazing Features of the Service includes:

  • Convert your videos to 700+ devices and formats.
  • More than 10 video hosting websites to grab from.
  • Convert videos to audio / MP3 files.
  • Extract still images from your vidoes.
  • Merge videos together, crop , pad , shorten and resize videos.
  • Record videos online from your webcam and mic and combine with other videos.
  • Create animated GIFs.
  • …ultimately it is free of charge, utiliser gratuitement!


On the site, you can either grab your videos from youtube, vimeo, and 8 other video sites by providing the URL or by direct upload. Provide the web address of the video and the system automatically sucks the entire file or you could also add your video for conversion by uploading the video directly from your PC with ease.

One nifty feature of the converter, which boasts uniqueness, is the ability to extract still images from videos.
At some rate the converter is a video editor, because right in your account you can merge, crop, pad, shorten and resize videos, and create animated GIF files right on the system.

The system is powerful, the interface is SCI-FI. Very Dynamic and user friendly.

You do not need an account to use the converter, but you can sign up as a free user or as a premium user to enjoy premium online media conversion service.

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